Wednesday, November 9, 2011

this WAS halloween

I think it is about time I do a halloween post from last month... slacker!

First things first... during halloween weekend the first anniversary of The Bauhinian Collective invaded all things Wan Chai....

SWINDLERS on thursday... 
DBK warmed up and soaked down the crowd with their sexy sex rock...
DBK will be going to Manila this weekend with Tigerbombers. Wish I could say I was tagging along, but alas, I will be in HK.

This is ammunition hit hard once more with their post-core style of noise.

ALSO - Tigerbombers played, SOMEHOW I didnt take any pictures of them, I think I was getting far too drunk and not snap happy enough.

I missed the friday show at the Wanch which I heard was 'outta sight'.
I was nursing a hangover from the first night. Note to self: Pace yourself.

Feeling much better Saturday, I headed down to Xperience. The last night of the Anniversary (which also happened to fall on dress up day.

Bjork and Beiber made an appearance.

 Wolfman Andre had some bro time with beibs.

My helmet became a whore for the night..

First band of the night...
An undead Sun Eskimos.

Mad Props to Shotgun Politics for putting on such a kick-ass performance

Sushi Robot was throwing down some phat ass shapes in between sets..

and at the end Very Ape played. Again no pictures... hmmmm...

After all of the drinky McDrink nonsense, I headed out to see the sights and frights....
One picture I managed to take was of these...... Joker convicts?


Star Crossed Tattoo was having their annual Halloween Free Tattoo Day.  I had drawn up some crappy skulls for people to choose from along with some of my artist buddies...


....and a gameboy...

It was a wearwolf bar mitzvah!

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