Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Hard Rock life....

Did a little 'hard rockin' last weekend for the Underground CD #4 release party. It took place at the new Hard Rock hotel here in HK...
Was a cool to have a show in a new location, however, the venue itself is kinda balls. No place to sit (unless you order food) and absolutely no place to stand.... Other than that, the CD itself is pretty great and loving the Six Pack of Wolves song - Punk Rock Story.

Had (and will continue to have) a busy week... I just now got back from some hot pot, AKA yummy in my tummy. Tomorrow is gonna be pretty darn great! Reserved my tickets for The Chariot which is playing at Hidden Agenda. Gonna be pretty dope i'm sure. Check out the facebook event HERE.
Pretty stoked

Some video treats for you all to enjoy!

I super had more to write about, but as usual left my blogging for far too long and forgot it all.... so another potentially interesting blog (in my mind) turned totally mediocre. ENJOY!

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