Monday, December 13, 2010

Hong Kong bands throughout the ages

My buddy arthur has posted a slew of old hong kong bands I grew up either in or listening to...

here goes

Mugatu: Paul Lam (Hungry Ghosts), from 2004 and 2005 I think.

Stella: A jam session with like, six people at Paul's house. I guess it's post-rock.

Six Pack of Wolves:

Stagger with a Swagger (month one demo)

A Black Heart and a Broken Eye (months two and three)

The Mooches:

On the Rag (month one, two piece)

Demo #2 (A few months later, three piece lineup which played once)

Inappropriate Manner: Greg's (Priest Rogue) band from high school.

Firefly Conspiracy: Another one of his bands, this one with Danny Kostianos (Priest Rogue, Seven Seas)

Live Fast Die: First Demo

Outlying Islands: Joe Hastings (Live Fast Die, This is Ammunition)

Luke Chow: 2004 (?) Demos

thanks arthur!!

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