Monday, December 20, 2010


Went to a Hardcore show on the weekend in Support of Rendezvous Records which has moved to a very distant location around Diamond Hill... Bummer, since it was such a good location before.

Anyhow it was a super cool place and a pretty good show. However, I am getting slightly tired of the posi-hardcore scene (or i'm just getting old, or maybe both). It's just the message they speak is a bit too 'inspired' for me. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against positivity. It's just I don't want to go to a heavy show to hear how 'united' we stand, I want to listen to heavy music as so I can party and listen to 'dirty words' etc. haha. you get the Idea....

having said that. Protoss (the first band) was awesome, very heavy and the sound was great!


Rich and Ross did a lil' moshing (and I mean a lil!)

The bands that played that night! It was on a live feed with RadioDaDa.

I don't know why my camera has all of these spots on the pictures, perhaps cause it's shit!

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