Monday, December 27, 2010

Kiffmas in Sai Kung

I've spent the last 3 days in Sai Kung. Did a Christmas Eve with Zane's family a.k.a the Strouds. That was some tasty eats! Polished some wine/beer had a nice cold hang out on the roof. Was a short-ish night as to prepare for the Christmas day ahead. Christmas day was spent at the Star Crossed homestead. We did a bbq and had some drinks played some hacky sac, opened awesome gifts and hung out on the roof. After the day of too much fun we went down to a bar around the corner for some pool and white russians (the drink, not the tall communists). Had a good sleep then arose to boxing day at Zane and Paul's bachelor pad! In the evening a boxing day party commenced. Was a real fun time as well. Despite being tired we got to play some 'Cock band' aka Rock Band then did a podcast with all of the guests for Paul Chan's Movie Podcast. You can check that out here at ThisIsBatCountry. Was really dumb but alot of fun. Had a nice BBQ there as well. So the whole Christmas break was great full of BBQs, South Africans and Sai Kung roof tops/balconies.

The Christmas

Connect four (i lost every bloody time)
Heck Yes!
Decorate the cookie game where we yell out dumb stuff and you must draw it on...
two sets of twins

The Boxing Day

another BBQ
drinks and friends
best band ever!

The GIFTS!!!

From Rich!
From Ross!
And the Last 3 are from Paul.

Zane got me a Rad Moleskin watercolor sketchbook thing, Can't wait to use it!

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