Friday, April 8, 2011

Weekend Update

So not many pics from Zane's BBQ extravaganza. Got pretty lazy I think.

Here is one of the big pizzas we had, delish!
Zane is literally saying 'Have you guys ever seen a pizza this big?'

BBQ was good, had some nice steaks, more meats, and some Hookah.
Bought Vader the other day, he is old and kinda falling apart, but he is a good size and well made.

Going to Intheircaves at the Hong Kong Art Center. It's an art show my colleague/buddy is in. It opens tonight, so just about to leave. Just got back from booking a trip for easter holidays.

Going to Manila!! Word! Should be pretty great. Also just realized we are heading to Bobby D. In 2 days!

More exciting bloggable news happening soon.

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