Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bobby D and Me

So our third row tickets to Bob Dylan were good and bad, awesome to have a seat so close, but once the music started a swarm of nosebleed ticket holders rushed to the front and stood in our way. Oh well, that's life. Anyways the show was good/highly enjoyable. It was by no means comparable to a 'back in the day' Dylan show, but that is obviously to be expected when you got a non stop touring 70 year old rocking the mic.

His guitar skills were fading a bit, his harmonica skills have just gotten better, and his voice was ROUGH. I couldn't understand a word he said most of the time. He mostly played blues, didn't really play any folk, which was probably my only disappointment of the night. It was funny when he did play anything we knew, cause you could only guess the song when he hit the chorus.

Not mocking the old fart, just being honest. Still had a great time and really glad I got to see Bob Dylan live! Was well worth it!

P.S - What the EFF is up with his new(ish) Logo? The bizzare and super ugly Tribal Eye....
Did a kid draw this?

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