Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Days of Birth

Last night was OFF the HOOOOK! Well it was pretty rad anyways. The return of two great bands + a new sound system at the Wanch made for a dope night with a great line up and a fun birthday celebration for Ben McCarthy of Poubelle International.
Since today is a public Holiday (and coincidentally my regular day off, not really fair but whatever) Ben had a big birthday blowout with a ton of friends new and old....it went like this-

Corey Tam (or One Horse Town as they like to be called now) did a fancy set with a few new kickers!
Poubelle International were having a great time returning once again to the stage along with Zane Stroud now on the Bass Axe.
There, I made a poster for them, they don't even need to bother taking pictures or anything, that only took me 2 minutes.....

Then the return of Hungry Ghosts, also super fun rocking out to some good old HK music! Wish I had taken a picture of Luke Chow that night, he looked incredible!

Last but not least was DBK (David Bowie Knives) and they were great as usual, not much else to say except they make me happy to watch and laugh when I listen. I took no pictures last night, so this is a more word heavy blog than I usually post, but just deal with it.

Like I had mentioned earlier, the sound system at the Wanch is new and sounds superb, made last night even better!

Leaving shortly for Zane's birthday party so that should be super fun times as well. My phone can handle day time pictures, so expect a more visually stimulating post soon, mmmk?

-Here's a video treat for anyone who has made it this far-



  1. You forgot to mention your time on stage too bro.