Thursday, March 10, 2011

My elbow is fully operational!

First things first, my other elbow is now complete... stung like a mother....
After a session and a touch up I now am the proud owner of an exploding deathstar on my elbow...

I apologize for the poop photo, but it was the day after and I used my phone to take it... MIGHT just take a healed photo and repost later.... If you're lucky.
(done by the ever talented and equally star wars obsessed Ross Turpin)

Got this on tuesday, but not before getting this from a shop next to Star Crossed....
Literally the first shirt I looked at on the rack.... It was my destiny! (pun intended)

After getting my elbow slain, we did a little band practice with our band SINS! (sorry Greg, may have stolen the name from you) and that was rad. Hope to catapult into having some hot and heavy fun and play some shows asap....

Also got these the other day!

That's all for now, goodnight and good luck!

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