Friday, March 4, 2011

Drullets and Lightsabers

So it's been a pretty great last week and a bit....

First off, went to a friend's B-day out in Lan Kwai (not the place I love). Whilst there I saw an awesome battle...
There were actually a bunch of dudes with lightsabers, but I only caught the last bit, cops stopped the fun... lame.

Yesterday I went down to Swindlers and witnessed some G-reat music. It was a usual Bauhinian Collective show, the punks from Defiant Scum kicked off the night, Corey Tam and the newly rearranged One Horse Town band went next. Last but not least was Ned Noble... Ok they were great of course, but the really exciting part of the night was after the show finished and these dudes came on stage
French Canadian buskers who actually blew everyones mind. Dirty and fun as fuck folk...
You cant really tell, but the guy with the guitar and harmonica had a drullet (dread mullet for those of you who are uneducated). Also the picture does the banjo player's beard no justice, it was magic!
Honestly tho, just some of the best most raw bad ass folk music I have ever heard, EVER. They also did a cover of informer by Snow in between swigging Arthur's/Joey's bottle of Jameson.

In other music related news, I got my friggen BOB DYLAN tickets, super stoked! 3rd row Mother Truckers!

In other Star Wars news, I got one of my classes (who friggen love Star Wars) to hum the tune to Star Wars..... you decide which one is better

first attempt

second try, clearly a bigger fanboy...

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