Friday, October 21, 2011

Ocean Park and the Braai-B-Q

A group of us had the last wednesday off and decided to mossy on down to Ocean Park.
Was a beautiful day for walking until our legs turned to jelly...

whilst in the park, ross found a spot to set up a new shop.

we ferris wheeled. Pretty rad view from here I gotta say.

The Dragon roller coaster was shut down for the day much to our dismay. 

We also found out that all of the Halloween stuff opened at night and required a different ticket, which was a little gay. This was a laser tag zombie hunting game, looked amazing.

saw some cool animals, lots of birds...

In the aquarium...
I always love the Ocean Park aquarium, some dope specimens.

Huge spider crabs, feed you for a week huge.


well, one was nice enough to pose...

freakin cute red pandas having a 'doss'

then there was a goldfish section with the ugliest fish inside... no flash = camera dont work = no pics

Eating overpriced and sub quality food...

Taking cable cars...

and watching Jen enjoy all the stomach turning rides none of the guys cared to do.

had a little seal show, and after a few more rides we decided to tap out.

Good thing we did! as we were leaving- FLOODS of people coming into the park for the Night Tickets. Even though we didnt get to enjoy all the halloween vibes, still probably best we left when we did.

a kiff Braai-B-Q ended the night. 
Mike took us to a sweet little outta the way spot in Stanley where we braai-ed it up...

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