Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday Night Ghosts

Hungry Ghosts (or famished phantoms, or starving specters) played Hidden Agenda where they opened up for a chinese Dance Rock band Da Bang....

Hidden Agenda has extended their stage... so big now!
Thunderous Bass amp-age! Fantastic sound.

 One of my favorite things about watching Hungry Ghosts is Paul's amazing facial expressions....
... and energy.
Luke also has some epic moves!

The Ghosts sounded great. Seems to me like they get better and better with each show.


Surprisingly great band from china. Punk-ish Dance Rock...
Super catchy riffs and 'phat beats'

Seriously awesome band

emotional bassist.

really good vocals...

They had all the elements of a great Dance Rock band with a splash of just pure balls.

Here is a video that does them VERY little justice....

seriously way better than this live!

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