Tuesday, July 12, 2011



I am now 27 years old and am a proud owner of many star wars collectibles as well as super good-time memories!

Had a great time at Shower Karaoke in Causeway Bay with some of my close friends... sang many a classic song. Enjoyed some fine brews and some munchy Thai snacks. Here's what happened>>

asian duets
forgetting lyrics

'2 become 1'

ross not liking andrew's shaggy

Mon goes Krazy for the OK
Husband/Wife duets...

and much more.

I only received Star Wars crap (which I am very happy about).
A pepsi top collector set of Darth and Luke, super fine detail.
R2D2 water bottle
FX collector darth vader lightsaber courtesy my favorite South Africans

talking yoda (his friggen ears move too)

Books and sweet italian Star Wars poster from Christie!
a better picture of the gift from Monica

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