Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sans Controle

Well, the Poubelle CD release show was quite a success! A very big production and quality at that! A lot going on and even more fun was had...

first things first. I got there pretty early to start setting up (and thank God I did since it took so long). The three artists were Matt Baily AKA NML, Shann Larsson, and myself.

Here is my ghetto tour of the art side of things (minus one painting that Shann brought later on).

Poubelle took the stage and were dead on. They played really well and had lots of fun up there.
The stage was done up with cool white sheets stretched all over the place, hard to explain without a decent picture.

About half way through the set a puppet show came on to 'mimic' the band... was pretty freaking funny actually. The puppet show was also projected on a screen behind them as to not miss a single dance move.

The night continued to escalate until I got very drunk and then the night just got blurry.

and this is how it ended.

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