Monday, September 19, 2011

BauCo One Year Anniversary

Just finished the poster for the 3 day show coming up at the end of the month! Was super fun to paint, will rework the colors and everything and repost it after a little help from my good buddy Ross Turpin.

Details for this EFFING superb show are as follows

27th October, 9pm Swindlers:
The David Bowie Knives
Lumberjack Jon

28th October, 9pm The Wanch:
This is Ammunition
Defiant Scum
Heather Lowe
Hungry Ghosts

29th October. 9pm Xperience
Shotgun Politics
Very Ape
Sushi Robot
Sun Eskimos

Shit's free!

Do come and support HK's best bands!

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  1. I am going to high five the shit out of you the next time we meet.