Friday, February 4, 2011

Luke Chow is Hilarious!

The Bauhinian Collective put on a show at Swindlers for the first day of Chinese New Year. Great to see more venues in Hong Kong hosting local music! It was a pretty successful night with a great turn out!

Simon from Sushi Robot was up first. He kicked off the night with 'fresh beats' and next level bass lines. haha. No, he was great, it's a shame more people didn't get up to bump and grind to his tunes....

The Mooches played their last show again. They were great! Jas is a fantastic drummer with tons of style. Actually the whole band was fully enjoyable to watch. Super catchy songs to sing along to!
Last up was Luke Chow. Luke Chow is hilarious to watch live. No matter which band he is playing with or even just his solo stuff. His stage energy is just fun. He jumps around like a goof and makes lame jokes, but it definitely got people laughing. Keep up the nerdiness Luke!
Great night all together. Had a good ol' time I gotta say!