Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baron Samedi and the James Blonde Party

My sis had a Birthday Party at the house last night and it was James Bond themed. I decided to go as the most obscure character from any of the films - Baron Samedi or better known as the voodoo villain from the movie Live and let Die. Was a fun costume to do. Here is a picture of the man and myself side by side.
Was a fun night, there were a few good efforts. Gold lady, M, Fatima Blush, and Money penny to name a few.

My camera died almost at the very start of the night so I don't have many pictures to post at the moment, but as soon as I nab them from the internet (once someone posts them) then I promise to post an updated version full of more photos.

Chinese New Year is soooooooon! YES!

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  1. what did you use for the wasitcoat/jacket, or how did you manage to make this. I have until thursday 16 to get this outfit ready